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Fit at work (Workplace health promotion)


We train you at your workplace
Upon request we come to your office, company or clinic. Depending on the number of participants, you can book one or mutliple trainers. In order to suit your needs, we put together a custom tailored program encompassing exercises, ergonomic analysis of the workplace and/oder sustainable self management of fitness at the workplace. Online workshops are also an option.
For a quote call : +49 (0)7071/ 368683 (Mo – Fr von 9:00 – 11:00 German Time), or send us an email.

In addition our network of partners (see below) can cover a wide range of services: instruction in a variety of sports as a one time workshop or ongoing training, scientific cost-benefit analysis of the training, and aids such as wearables and ergonomic office equippment that facilitate a healthy work posture.

In order to achieve sustainability, all the exercises are detailed in a book or App. Upon request, we also enable selected members of you workforce to become fitness mentors.

With the help of the Spinal Fitness Check your team of co-workers will be examined in groups, making the check-up not only time efficient, but cost efficient as well. Each Employee will receive a personalized physical therapy exercise plan.

Upon request, we produce a series of videos (Physio-Hacks), which are costum tailored to the fitness demands of your work. The videos feature the posture, relaxation, movement, coordination, mobility, strength, and endurance, which are suited to reduce symptoms and improve fitness in your line of work. Via your network you can make the hacks availabe 24/7 to anyone who is interested. One example of our production, is the DVD+APP „10 Back-Fit-Basics for the Dental Team“. An English version of this hack was also produced, but has not been released yet.

Network of partners
If need arises we cooperate any number of the following partners to suit the needs of your office, company or clinic.


With.Each.OtherJutta Peres
Medical PublisherUniersity of Tuebingen
Karate AcademyHB Technologies

Workplace health promotion – References

List of previos projects:

EU-wide- Hospitals (Back-Fitness of the employees with a measurable reduction in absenteeism)

EU-wide- Dentist in clinics, dental depots, German dental association

Tübingen – Universität Tübingen
Tübingen – Regierungspräsidium
Tübingen – AOK
Tübingen – Technisches Rathaus
Tübingen – Post Unfallkasse
Tübingen – Atos Information Technology GmbH
Tübingen – Büroarbeitsplätze von Privatpersonen
Tübingen – Büroarbeitsplätze von Selbständigen
Tübingen – SchülerInnen Keplergymnasium
Tübingen – ErzieherInnen Kindergarten
Bensheim – Dentsply Sirona
Plochingen – CeramTec GmbH
Reutlingen – Stadthalle Reutlingen
Reutlingen – Bosch
Reutlingen – ErzieherInnen
Rottenburg – Justizvollzugsanstalt
Weilheim – MÖCK Rohrsysteme GmbH

ZEGRA®PostureTrainer: More Motivation, Increased Productivity

More motivation and increased productivity with the ZEGRA®PostureTrainer, Spinal-Fitness-Check and on the job training.


ZEGRA®PostureTraining at the work place
A study done in a typical work setting with computers showed, that six weeks of ZEGRA®PostureTraining significantly improved upright posture, spinal flexibility and well being. Usually this well being improves focus and motivation through out the day. The benefits include lowered costs, increased effectiveness, more success and nevertheless a pleasant work atmosphere.
The Posture Trainer is almost undetectable to wear and does not restrain you from carrying out daily activities. The suggested length of training is two hours, repeated three times a week for a total of six weeks. After that a refresher of once a week will normally suffice.
In order to cut costs, multiple employees can share the same posture trainer.


Spinal Fitness Check-workplace-fitness-we’ll train you!
With the help of the Spinal Fitness Check your team of co-workers will be examined in groups, making the check-up not only time efficient, but cost efficient as well. Each Employee will receive a personalized physical therapy exercise plan. For more information please contact Peter Fischer’s team at


Optimization of Workplace-Ergonomics
Another service that we offer to optimize the health of your employees in an efficient manner, is an examination of the office. Based on the examination, we provide you with cost efficient suggestions for the improvement of ergonomic weak points. Quite often solutions are found that cost nothing, by working with what’s already there or simply doing things differently. If you are interested, please contact our time at It also makes sense to consult with us prior to investing in new machinery or furniture, to make sure they will be suited to facilitate a healthy and productive work environment.