Go Back Fitness

Find and eliminate fitness deficiencies

What is the Back Fit Navigator?
The Back Fit Navigator consists of tests und exercises, that allow you to detect and eliminate deficiencies in your spinal fitness.
The qualities being tested are posture, relaxation, movement, coordination, mobility, strength, and endurance.

You only train your areas of weakness, as identifed by the tests. This ensures a maximam boost in fitness with minimal effort.
Other than the English edition, the are also editions in German, Chinese, Russian and Corean.

What’s the Navigator?
The „Navigator“ is a mapped and numbered body image.

Der Navigator lists the tests und exercises that help you improve your fitnees in the selected body region.

Beginners and individuals with advanced fitness
The tests and exercises can be done easily anywhere and without any special equipment. Their level is adjustable, making them suitable for anyone, regardless whether you are a beginners or an individual with advanced fitness.

Visible progress
Each exercisescomes with a test. The test makes your progress visible and lets you know, if and how long you should be doing the exercise. The test goal awakens a competitive spirit and motivates you to keep going and close the gap between you current fitness and the ideal fitness as defined by the goal.

What is the difference between book and app?
The book describes the tests and exercises in words and illustrates them with a great number of photos.

The app on the other hand features the tests and exercises as videos. If you enter your tests results and the effect of the exercises in the app, the app automatically adjusts your exercise program to meet you individual fitness needs.
In the statistic section of the app, features a number of graphics that show your fitness progress.